My last column hit the front page of Digg

After publishing my column on MediaPost’s Search Insider a couple of weeks ago (“Google Share of Search To 72%; Yahoo, MSN Continue to Tank”), I went over to Digg to read the headlines, and to my suprise, the column had went popular and was on the front page.

Without going into all the details on my research of watching the story propogate, the Digg frontpage hit is the equivalent of a snowball turning into an avalanche, as least as far as how quickly the story link got passed through social networks.

Currently the article has 512 diggs, and 80+ comments.

Demographic search engines

My latest column on demographic search engines is up at MediaPost (“Thoughts on Demographic Search Engines”, registration required.  I am intrigued about several aspects of this new approach coming from IAC, with the first one called