New book – Global Search Engine Marketing by Anne Kennedy and Kristjan Mar Hauksson

My good friend and fellow SEMPO board member Kristjan Mar Hauksson has co-authored a book with the wonderful Anne Kennedy on the topic of global search engine marketing. I work at a company that is focused on enterprise global SEM as a core expertise, and found this book to be very helpful when navigating the complex landscape of international campaigns. I bought a stack of copies which will soon be distributed through our network (we operate in 4 continents).

Also worth a read is this review by Marshall Sponder over at SEW:

Here is a link to the book at Amazon, where you can read my additional comments in the reviews section:

The bottom line is that if you consider yourself a knowledgeable international internet marketer, this book is a must-have.

DFWSEM Association meets this Thursday – keyword research is the focus

The next DFWSEM Association meeting is this Thursday at the Renaissance Hotel in Richardson, in the Telecom Corridor.  Christine Churchill and Shelley ellis will be speaking on the topic of keyword research. 

In case you haven’t noticed, meetings are now going to a monthly format.  This means more networking opportunities, more information on search, and more update on what is going on in the search engine marketing landscape. 

Look forward to seeing you there.

More keyword analysis on Obama and McCain acceptance speeches

A follow up to my Search Insider post on the McCain and Obama acceptance speeches. Based on some feedback I received in the comments section, and went and took a look at personal references during the speeches, and found some interesting data. McCain referred to himself in the speech, using “I” more than any other word.  Here is the rest of the breakout:

“I” (and related contractions) – 153 times 3.29%
“We” (and related contractions) – 87 times 1.87%
“My” – 62 times 1.33%
“Our” – 51 times 1.09%
“You” – 51 times 1.09%
“Me” – 38 times 0.81%

“I” (and related contractions) – 81 times 1.68%
“We” (and related contractions) – 77 times 1.6%
“Our” – 56 times, 1.16%
“You” – 44 times 0.91%
“My” – 19 times 0.39%
“Me” – 12 times, 0.24%

Read the rest of the post at Great Finds:


Keyword Analysis of the McCain and Obama Acceptance Speeches

Here is the opening of my latest column at MediaPost Search Insider.  Click at the link at the bottom to read the full article.  Lots of interesting findings into the overall tone of the candidates speeches, using a good old fashioned SEO keyword analysis tool.



While tag cloud generators are all the rage for visually analyzing the text content of various popular websites and documents, I decided to go back to an old-fashioned “keyword density” analyzer tool to take a look at Obama’s and McCain’s recent party nomination acceptance speeches.  Keyword density tools have been used by search optimizers for many years to determine the keyword frequency and weight of words and phrases on a Web page.  The more popular tools rate the frequency of one-, two-, and three-word phrases throughout a document, showing the overall number of times presented, as well as the relevant percentage of mentions throughout a document.  This type of analysis tends to be more useful to SEOs for two- and three-word phrases, but for this analysis, the tool will also shed a light on single-word themes to illustrate the overall tone of the candidates’ acceptance speeches. 

On a side note, I personally don’t care much for the phrase “keyword density”, because these tools typically don’t weight keywords in a document – or in other words, they don’t take semantic markup elements into account – they score on the frequency of words in a document.  Even if a particular tool does provide weighted analysis on keywords, it’s an educated guess at best, because there are too many variables used by engines to determine actual weight, and the engines also aren’t telling how much they weight these elements.  So to clarify, this analysis focuses on the frequency of words in the speeches. 

More…. read the full article here: