Cuil (“cool”) – New search engine intrigues, but I have questions

This one seemed to come out of the blue this morning.  New search engine debuts, from a team that includes former Altavista lead engineer Louis Monier.  I ran a few queries, and the most interesting thing I noticed was that it picked up relevant listings that I had not found before.  But I have a few questions and personal thoughts about my experience:

- “Cuil” (pronounced “cool”) could not be any more confusing, and they would have to get “” to make it right.  The problem is that the owner of that name is well known for holding on to his names, as he can afford to.  Driving traffic to “” will only drive traffic to “”, especially if word-of-mouth picks up. Google and Yahoo don’t have this problem.

- I saw a lot of relevant images, but they were misaligned with the results.  It seems to infer that the image came from the site it indexed, but it wasn’t.  It’s confusing, and irrelevant.

- The layout can be disorienting, and does not allow for easy scanning of the entire list.  It would be nice if users had more control of the results display, including a standard ordered list, reduction of the desc/snippet, and prominence on the URL (a lot of trust is placed in the URL).

- The index could stand to be freshened up a bit.  I found pages that had been removed months ago.

- The top 10 could use more diversity at the domain level.  I found a lot of pages from a single domain that had little to offer.

All said, I’m keeping an eye on this one.    Lots more to review – but this was my first impression. Danny Sulivan has a detailed review here: